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0 HAPPY B-DAY BELLA 00 12th Annual Mattel Party On The Pier in Santa Monica 00 Bella Thorne-pics from her tumblr account 00 BOP AND TIGER BEAT Photoshoot 00 Celebrates Her 14th Birthday 00 Frenemies-2012 00 Kevin Foley for Westlake Magazine 00 MAMI Magazine 00 PUSS IN BOOTS MOVIE PREMIERE 00 REAL STEEL PREMIERE 00 September 9th-Departs from LAX Airport 00 Taylor Spreitlers 18th Birthday Party 00 Teach Your Children Well Premiere 00 American Cheerleader Magazine 00 August 12th-2011 Imagen Awards 00 August 14th-2011 VH1 Do Something Awards 00 August 15th-Having dinner at Dan Tanas in West Hollywood 00 August 18th-Jimmy Bennetts Single Release Party 00 August 21st-D23 Expo 2011-Day 3 00 August 24th-Shopping at the Grove in Los Angeles 00 August 27th - YoBlendz Grand Opening in Boca Raton Florida 00 August 2nd-Leaving Pinz Bowling Alley with Jimmy Bennett 00 August 3rd-Phineas and Ferb Across The 2nd Dimension Premiere 00 Bella And Zendaya-Watch Me-ScreenCaps 00 Bella Thorne and Pia Mia Talk SIU At Cars 2 Premiere-Screencaps 00 Bella Thorne-An Angel 00 Bella Thorne-Bookmarks00 Episode 18-Model It Up 00 Episode 19 -Twist It Up 00 July 17th-Mitchel Mussos 21st Birthday Party 00 July 31st-Spy Kids All The Time in The World Premiere 00 June 23rd-Radioshacks HTC EVO 3D Launch Party in West Hollywood 00 Just The Way You Are-Bella Thorne 00 Kate sZatmari for Latina Magazine 00 Shake It Up-Behind The Scenes-ScreenCaps 00 Tween VIP Dolls 00 TwitPics-Bella Thorne 00 YFrog Photos 00 About Bella-My Sun 00 About Zendaya-Daya 00 At Millions of Milkshakes00 Beastly LA premiere 00 Bella and Zendaya Interview Dancing With the Stars HD 00 Bella Thorne-Glitery Pics 00 Bella Thorne-Super Pics 00 Disney Friends For Change 2011 00 July-Popstar Magazine 00 June 12th-22nd Annual A Time For Heroes Celebrity Picnic 00 June 18th-Cars 2 Premiere 00 June 18th-Sterling Beaumons Birthday Party 00 June 4th - City Of Hope Picnic-TwitPics 00 News-Break It Down And Watch Me Music Video 00 Personal Photos 00 Shake It Up Episode 14-Hot Mess It Up 00 Shake It Up Episode 15-Reunion It Up 00 Stefanie Scott and Bella Thorne Sue Wong 2011 Spring Collection 00 Sweat It Up Promotional Stills 00 Texas Instruments Interviews Bella and Zendaya-ScreenCaps 00 2011 KCAS Gift Lounge 00 2011 Disney Kids and Family Upfront 00 2011 Kids Choice Awards00 April 11th-On the set of Frenemies in Toronto 00 April 14th-Sharpays Fabulous Adventure-Toronto Premiere 00 April 3rd-Arrives in Toronto 00 April 9th-Going for a walk on Toronto 00 Arrives at LAX Airport-March 31 2011 00 Arriving in LAX airport-Feb 27-3 Pictures 00 Bella and Zendaya at 4th Annual Power of Youth Event-Screencaps 00 Bella Thorne Addresses Cody Simpson Dating Rumors-Screencaps 00 Bella Thorne and Zendaya Interview at the Simmons Pastry Launch 00 Bella Thorne Growing Up 00 Bella Thorne Icons 00 Bella Thorne Interview at You Again Premiere-Screencaps 00 Bella Thorne-A Super Fashionista-ScreenCaps 00 Bella-My Day My Life ScreenCaps 00 BOP June-July 00 Childrens Dream Awards Portraits-13 pictures 00 Childrens Dream Awards00 Christian Combs 13th Birthday Celebration 00 Get to Know Bella Sears Arrive Air Band Contender 00 Glitter Magazine Spring 2011 00 Good Morning America March 14 00 Hello-Welcome 00 I am Number Four LA premiere-Pictures 00 J-14 Exclusive 4 Things You Dont Know About Bella Thorne 00 J14 Magazine-Summer 00 Justin Bieber Never Say Never LA premiere 00 KCAS Gift Lounge Portraits 00 Kids In Distressed Situations Benefit - 2011 00 M magazine-April 2011 00 March 15th-Taking photos in her hotel00 Mars Meets Mom Premiere 00 May 19th-Pastry Shoes Barbie So In Style Collection Launch Party 00 Never Say Never Premiere In Los Angeles-ScreenCaps00 PopStar-June 00 Rock Of Ages Opening Night 00 Scholastic Magazine April-May 00 SELENA GOMEZ Performs Live with BELLA ZENDAYA and Entire SHAKE IT UP Cast-Captures 00 Shake It Up Clothes 00 Shake It Ups Bella Thorne on the CeCe Doll 00 Tiger Beat April 00 Tiger Beat May 00 YoBlendz grand opening in Weston Florida 00 16 Wishes LA premiere 00 29th Annual Young Artist Awards 30-03-08 00 31 01-Filming Disneys 36500 Age it Up ScreenCaps 00 Aldo Kids -17 pics 00 Aldo Kids 2008 00 Angel Photoshoot 00 Another Account-Click 00 Bella And Zendaya 00 Bella Thorne - Power Of Youth 00 Bella Thorne and Zendaya Bop Photo Shoot-Screencaps00 Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman talk Justin Bieber 00 Bella Thorne at WHIP IT Premiere in Hollywood 00 Bella Thorne on Love 00 Bella Thorne transforms into Little Red Riding Hood 00 Bella Thorne transforms into Little Red Riding Hood-ScreenCaps 00 Bella Thornes Beauty Tip 00 Bella Thornes Fond Memories of Her Birthday on the SHAKE IT UP Set 00 Bop And Tiger-Beat-Behind The Scenes 00 Cats and Dogs LA premiere 00 Cody Simpsons 14th Birthday Party January 19 2011 00 Dani Brubaker-Photoshoot 00 Dear John LA premiere 00 Disneynatures Oceans LA premiere 00 Forget Me Not LA Premiere at Screamfest 00 Furry Vengeance LA premiere 00 Girls Photoshoot 00 Glitery Pics 00 HBO Luxury Lounge 20-09-08 00 Heading to the MTV MA Style Lounge-4 June00 Headshots 00 Heat it Up Pictures 00 Hotel for Dogs Los Angeles premiere 00 How to Train Your Dragon LA premiere 00 Jake T Austins B-Day 00 JB 3D Concert Experience Los Angeles Premiere 24-02-09 00 Justice Girls 00 Kayia Eve 2008 00 Kick it up ScreenCaps 00 Life Through Art Foundations 5th Annual Red Party 31-01-09 00 Mac Store with Remy 00 Megamind LA premiere 00 Megamind Premiere - Caps 00 Minnie Princess-With Debby And Zendaya 00 Miss Me Clothing 2009 00 Miss Me Clothing 2010 00 Miss Me Clothing-Many Pics 00 Mudd Jeans 2009 00 Mudd Jeans 2010 00 My Own Worst Enemy Premiere Party 04-10-08 00 Old Photoshoot 00 Other Photoshoot 00 Other Photoshoot 2 00 Party it Up ScreenCaps 00 Party it up Stills 00 Peoples Choice Awards 00 Personal Photos 00 Photoshoot 001-Cool 00 Photoshoot 002-Sweet 00 Photoshoot 003-Cute 00 Planet 51 premiere 00 Premiere Of Touchstone Pictures Gnomeo And Juliet January 23 2011 00 Rock Of Ages Opening Night 00 Shake It Up - Disney Channel Intro 00 Shake It Up Best Friends Disney Channel Official-ScreenCaps 00 Shake It Up Intro ScreenCaps 00 Shake it up new years 00 Shake It Up Pe Disney 00 Shake it up Promos 00 Shake It Up-Hook it up Screencaps-So Cool Hehe 00 Shake It Up-Website 00 Show it Up Pictures 00 Shrek Forever After LA premiere 00 Sweet Photoshoot 00 Tangled LA premiere 00 The 2010 Camp Ronald Mc Christmas Carnival-12 Dec00 The Spy Next Door LA premiere 00 Tinker Bell And The Great Fairy Rescue LA premiere 00 What You Might Not Know 00 Wild Photoshoot 00 Zendaya Coleman 00Gullivers Travels Premiere in California-18 Dec00Holiday IB for Starlight Kids Foundation-15 Dec0

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